No one is born a hero

Using the ordinary to achieve greatness

Since the start of the epidemic preventionand control work. Qiqihar Hengxin Medical Supplies Co., Ltd. hasprovided the city with over 1.6 million medical masks, 4600 sets of protectiveclothing, and over 20,000 disposable isolation gowns.
Conveying more than 800,000 disposablemedical masks, 15,000 protective clothing, and over 10,000 disposable isolationgowns for the front lines of the epidemic.
With the price of non-woven fabric risingover 10 times; the core raw material of medical masks. Our company  will continue to insist on the same ex-factoryprice of medical masks to benefit the people of Hecheng and society.

Hengxin uses its ownstrength to do its best for the epidemic

During the fight against the new crownpneumonia epidemic, Hengxin quickly resumed work and production, and continuedto expand production capacity. It has successively supplied more than 2.4million medical masks, 20,000 protective clothing, and 30,000 isolation gownsfor the prevention and control of the epidemic in the province; whicheffectively guaranteed



Our qualifications

Hengxin Medical Supplies Co., Ltd. (Hengxinfor short) has nearly 20 years of experience in the production of medicalsupplies. During the “SARS” period in 2003, it provided a large number ofhigh-quality medical anti-epidemic supplies to the Northeast region. Thequality enjoys a wide reputation in the industry.


Hengxin product

development examples

Hengxin introduced adisposable medical surgical mask production line in June 2019 and quickly putit into production that month. Using the industry’s top raw materials(meltblown non-woven fabric with a bacterial filtration efficiency of 99.9%),the production scale has rapidly expanded within a few months. At the sametime, Hengxin began to develop medical disposable protective clothing inJanuary 2020. By determining the technical parameters such as product rawmaterials and product technology; the company had officially put it intoproduction in early February 2020.

During the epidemic,all the protective clothing produced by Hengxin was allocated by provinces andcities and distributed to major hospitals and medical institutions inHeilongjiang. As of the first quarter of 2020, Hengxin has provided high-qualitymedical supplies to more than ten provinces including Heilongjiang, Jilin,Liaoning, Jiangxi, and Guangdong. Providing valuable supplies for the new crownepidemic had thus attracted massive attention of leaders at all levels. Thiswas a huge morale booster due to the support of the company.

During the epidemic, Hengxin used its ownmodest force to establish a brand new image of a private enterprise of “beingresponsible for epidemic prevention and control”

Qihar City Bureau of Industry andInformation Technology scientifically dispatches epidemic prevention materials

On the fourth day of the first month of thelunar calendar, the first batch of medical masks will be rolled off theassembly line, which will be uniformly deployed by the provincial government toensure the use of key epidemic prevention areas and units.

Support the specialLantern Festival in the Wuhan Anti-epidemic Diary (12) Ward

The acquaintance and staying together ofthe 15 medical staff of Li Jianing’s group and the three patients of thesiblings in a special period created this relationship and also contributed totheir sincere blessings during the festival.

In order to ensure the quality and safetyof medical protective clothing, the provincial bureau also conducted on-siteinspections of the production workshops of medical protective masks andprotective clothing of the Harbin Pharmaceutical Group Pharmaceutical GeneralFactory to learn more about the company’s current production difficulties andpropose solutions.

Welcome domestic and foreign distributors,enterprises, and hospital procurement personnel to inquire

If you areinterested in cooperating or purchasing, please contact our sales department.We will confirm the qualifications of both parties;

providesamples if necessary;confirm order negotiation and goods shipment.