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First Class MedicalDevice
Second Class Medical Device


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Maintaining long-term stability withhospitals and enterprises inside and outside the province.

The life cycle of a mask

– The birth of the mask –

A multiple disinfection and sterilizationjust for peace of mind

Hengxin uses the best domestic rawmaterials and accessories combined with production technology, strict inspection,and scientific management. Thus, the company has sufficient technologicalconditions for manufacturing, sterilization, analysis, testing and testing.Ensuring that the services it undertakes can be of high quality.

First class medical device

The company has complete equipment, maturetechnology, related production, inspection andcomplete disinfection equipment; all inline with CE certification.

Examination gloves

Medical examination pad

Absorbent cotton



Medical disposable

protective suit

Single use

Medical surgical mask

Single use

Medical masks

Single use

Sterile pad

Single use

Sterile surgical gown

Single use

Sterile dressing change kit

One-time use

Sterile delivery kit


cotton gauze

Single use

Sterile surgical kit

Single use

Sterile surgical cap

Single use

Aseptic Dialysis Care Package

Disposable blood sampling and transfusiondressing pack

Medical disposable protective clothing

Fully enclosed protectionEffectively isolate pollution sources

Disposable medical surgical mask

Medical isolation protection

Anti-virus droplets, smog and dust

Disposable steriledressing change kit

Block bacterial liquid

Avoid second infection

of patients

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